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Tuesday Letter: this will become a regular feature

23rd August 2016

Last night I chatted with my friend in Australia. She is a great virologist, and a vaccine-advocating superhero. Her comment about Vaccine Safety Comics and Animations was:

“…it’s sometimes hard to get support for ideas that are different. People are so into the dogma and stating fact-based approaches that they just don’t get it (and don’t see the need for innovative approaches). Facts and dogma haven’t worked for 200 years…they aren’t going to suddenly start working now”.

I certainly  agree with her that facts never matter to many people “of our generation”. However, why we in #TIJoCV will stay excited to continue that project – with or without support – is because:

Our MORAL DUTIES to Future Generations Will Depend Upon How We Can Affect Them by What We Do Now”. … 

Educate Your Kids How #VaccinesWork. Let them Beat #Vaxxed

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