ViroBlogy in Top 50 Biology Research Blogs

While self-puffery is to be deplored, it is always nice when someone else does it: like Emily Johnston at Medicalicious, who writes:

I’m writing this to let you know about a new featured post we just made over here at Medicalicious entitled, “Top 50 Biology Research Blogs.” I thought you and your readers at Viroblogy might find it to be a very interesting article. Please do let me know if you have any feedback —

So g’wan over…I note we are in excellent company in the Microbiology Division: MicrobiologyBytes is there; so too Small Things Considered, Vince Rcaniello’s Virology Blog, and a new one to me, Microbiology Blog from Horizon Press.

I shall have to update more often…B-)

2 Responses to “ViroBlogy in Top 50 Biology Research Blogs”

  1. JayDay Says:

    I can’t help but share a virology blog out of Michigan I always enjoy reading (second to viroblogy of course)

  2. Ed Rybicki Says:

    …and a good one it is, thanks!

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