MicrobiologyBytes » Blog Archive » Why do we get repeated colds?

Via Scoop.itVirology News

Although a number of different viruses cause “colds”, rhinoviruses are one of the most frequent sources. And although there are many serotypes of rhinovirus, they total number may not be enough to account for all the colds you get during your lifetime. A recent paper suggests that rhinoviruses are able to direct antibody responses away from the critical areas on the outside of the virus particle which give a neutralizing response towards internal regoins of the virus capsid not exposed to antibodies.


A-ha!  SO like flu, if you cut that bit off, antibody responses will be directed where they are supposed to be, to neutralise the damn thing – one of which is presently sneaking around my office suite, getting inexorably closer to me….

Via www.microbiologybytes.com

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