From herd immunity and complacency to group panic: How vaccine scares unfold

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A new study, published in PLoS Computational Biology, shows how worries over vaccine risks can allow preventable contagious diseases, such as measles and whooping cough, to make a comeback.


I remember commenting, some 17 years ago, that people in Kikwit should be more concerned than people in the urban USA about Ebola risks from the outbreak then occurring – but probably weren’t, largely because they knew that spread required contact, AND they had no internet to spread the panic.  Virally…in fact, one correspondent coined the term “Ebola Preston” to account for the fear-of-virus propagated by Richard Preston, whose book “The Hot Zone” piggy-backed the Ebola epidemic to huge sales.


The bottom line is that people who obsess about safety of vaccines are the ones who are themselves almost certainly protected because THEIR parents followed public health guidleines – but they will be opening their kids up to all of the old scourges that they themselves were protected against.


Because they are functionally STUPID.

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