‘SA safe from Ebola’ – Times LIVE

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South Africans need not be worried about contracting the Ebola virus after a new outbreak of the disease in Uganda.

The SA National Institute for Communicable Diseases said the risk of South Africans being infected was “extremely low”.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has placed a ban on physical contact in the country after the virus was reported in the capital, Kampala, for the first time.

The institute’s spokesman, Professor Lucile Blumberg, said yesterday: “There is no travel restriction. It is unlikely that patients from the Kibaale district, Uganda, who are very sick, will find their way here. One does need direct contact with infected patients to become ill.”


As with ANY Ebola outbreak in fact, the peril for any but the immediately exposed is more imgained than real.  What Ed Regis once termed “Ebola Preston”, or a virus that is spread by print and electronic media, rather than by droplets.

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