And so it went – 2012, that is

…like a rocket…flashed past; I’m still emotionally in August or so!

I meant to do some more substantive posts instead of only copying Virology News posts here; however, the best-laid plans and such, and I didn’t.  I will in 2013, though – and there will be an iBook coming or possibly even two (influenza and PCR), so I will use this forum to announce glad tidings.

Then there’s the ZA Virus [=Zombie Apocalypse, obviously] novel, and Green Vaccines, and…OK, getting ahead of myself here!

Thanks for the support and readership, I hope everyone has a good solstice break!



PS: some access stats for 2012 for you.  Looks like the only places that DON’T access ViroBlogy are parts of central and west Africa, central Asia and Greenland.

Screenshot 14:12:2012 12:11

Screenshot 14:12:2012 12:09


Screenshot 14:12:2012 12:20

One Response to “And so it went – 2012, that is”

  1. Wild Juggler Says:

    Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

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