Genetically modified version of herpes virus ‘can block spread of ovarian and breast cancer’

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A genetically modified type of herpes has been created by scientists at the University of Bologna to limit the spread of breast and ovarian cancer.

Scientists believe the virus, which has been reprogrammed so it no longer harms humans, could form the basis of a potent new cancer treatment.

The ‘oncolytic’ herpes simplex virus (HSV) attacks especially aggressive tumours that have an over-active Her-2 gene.


The HSV virus attacks aggressive breast cancer tumours and limits how much they spread

Breast cancer drug Herceptin was designed to target the same cell sub-group.

When the modified virus was injected into mice growing human breast and ovarian tumours, it strongly inhibited the spread of cancer cells.

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Ed Rybicki‘s insight:

I do so like the idea of putting viruses to work – another piece of good news for today using viral vectors for other purposes!

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