Boy’s death from bat virus sparks calls for action to reduce flying fox populations

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THE mother of a Cairns boy who died from lyssavirus on Friday has said no one should have to suffer the bat-borne virus’ deadly effects.

Ed Rybicki‘s insight:

And so the inevitable happens, and a sick little boy dies – from Australian bat lyssavirus infection.

Now, while I keep going on about "flying rats", one needs to get the "bat threat" in perspective: ONE child died in recent history due to a bat-borne rabies-like virus, and FOUR people since 1994 of bat-borne Hendra virus.  Yet people are calling for a cull: that’s right up there with the "kill all Great White Sharks" campaigns there have been over the years, for a threat of death of injury that is considerably less than you expereince every morning driving to work.

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