Hepatitis A virus discovered to cloak itself in membranes hijacked from infected cells

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Viruses have historically been classified into one of two types – those with an outer lipid-containing envelope and those without an envelope.

Ed Rybicki‘s insight:

…and hep A steals membranes from liver cells to circulate as an enveloped particle(s) in blood. This is a fascinating find, and doubtless will be followed by similar for other viruses.


The commentary has some speculation as to how vacciens work, if antibodies can’t see the virus – but they forget the virus has to get INTO the host in the first place, and environmental forms are non-enveloped, AND that the vaccine may well elicit some degree of cell-mediated immunity, which would target infected cells displaying degraded protein on tehir surfaces via MHC I-type receptors.

See on medicalxpress.com

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