Recombinant Monovalent Llama-Derived Antibody Fragments (VHH) to Rotavirus VP6 Protect Neonatal Gnotobiotic Piglets against Human Rotavirus-Induced Diarrhea

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This study shows that the oral administration of rotavirus VP6-VHH nanoAb is a broadly reactive and effective treatment against rotavirus-induced diarrhea in neonatal pigs. Our findings highlight the potential value of a broad neutralizing VP6-specific VHH nanoAb as a treatment that can complement or be used as an alternative to the current strain-specific RVA vaccines. Nanobodies could also be scaled-up to develop pediatric medication or functional food like infant milk formulas that might help treat RVA diarrhea.

Ed Rybicki‘s insight:

Always nice to Scoop a paper from a co-author, in this case Andres Wigdorovitz and friends.  Nice work, too – shows that rotavirus VP6 is a useful recombinant protein target for use as a vaccine, given that llama single-chain Abs specific to it can protect.  But why not make them in plants, Andres??

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