Oral cholera vaccine loaded with GMOs to be tested on babies worldwide [WARNING: B#LLSHIrT FOLLOWS]

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Oral cholera vaccine loaded with GMOs to be tested on babies worldwide

California-based vaccine manufacturer PaxVax has reportedly submitted an application to begin international trials of a novel oral cholera vaccine that contains live, genetically modified (GM) bacteria. VacTruth.com reports that the new vaccine is set to be tested on more than 1,000 individuals, many of whom are young children, in a three-part clinical trial series to take place throughout Australia.

In a recent application filing with the Australian Government, PaxVax makes plain its intent to administer the live, GM bacteria in both young and old and in every region of the country. Participants will be instructed to literally consume a cocktail of mercury-resistant, GM Shigella flexneri NR1 bacteria derived from the Vibrio cholera bacterial strain, which is recognized as the causative agent of the gastroenteritis disease known as cholera

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043392_oral_vaccine_cholera_GMOs.html##ixzz2pRTUTjea

Ed Rybicki‘s insight:

OK, folks, here’s your Xmas-New Year-Solstice Festival challenge from ViroBlogy: the best point-by-point refutation of the claims made in this truly wonderful mixture of hype, taurine excreta and simple falsehoods, gets published in ViroBlogy – and gets a year’s free subscription.

OK, OK, ViroBlogy is free anyway – and I will in fact publish ANYTHING that authoritatively rubbishes this fruitloopery.

Several somethings, if I get them.

Go for it – and a happy 2014, all!

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