Anyone interested? A candidate virology textbook…

I would like to test the response to a Introduction to Virology ebook that I want to develop from my extant Web-based material, given that this is likely to disappear soon with our Web renewal project here at UCT.


Download the Virus Picture Book excerpt here. And then please tell me what you think / whether you would buy one (projected price US$15 – 20)?  Ta!

7 Responses to “Anyone interested? A candidate virology textbook…”

  1. Mark Stenglein Says:

    I’d buy your book for that price

  2. Gone, but not quite forgotten: the Rybicki teaching pages | ViroBlogy Says:

    […] And, of course, finish my book based on it…B-) […]

  3. Trino Ascencio-Ibanez Says:

    I would pay for that book. Let me know where to get it.

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