Chinese government, Cansino start clinical trials of Ebola vaccine

By Shannon Ellis
Staff Writer
SHANGHAI – China has announced that it will be initiating phase I trials for Ad5-Ebov, a recombinant adenoviral Ebola vaccine co-developed by the Bioengineering

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Finally!  All one can find is "Ebola vaccine" from most reports, with very little information as to WHAT vaccine.  And it’s an adenovirus 5 vectored Ebola envelope glycoprotein.

And it’s developed by the Chinese military…which makes them the third (and possibly 4th, if you believe rumours from South Africa pre-1994) military link to Ebola work, after the US and USSR/Russia.

Which may not be as sinister as it sounds, given the Chinese military has huge industrial interests – but still, the fact that they had a vaccine pretty much ready to go in a region with no exposure to the virus, means they are still thinking "bioweapon".

Which is a good thing in this instance, right? 

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