The scientific journey of AIDS from despair to cautious hope

Despite the breakthroughs in HIV and AIDS research, without an effective vaccine, the world will not get to zero new infections and deaths.

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Nice series of articles – I covered the first one earlier.

HIV/AIDS for many of has been a long and sustained learning experience that has paralleled the pandemic: it has provided numerous invaluable insights into the workings of the human immune system, into how retroviruses work, how they evolve – and how to treat the diseases HIV infection leads to, as well as how to develop therapies for those infected.

I hope we are past the midpoint of the pandemic curve now: as a young academic, I remember the first reports of AIDS the syndrome, the discovery of the viruses involved.

As an old academic who has been involved in research on candidate vaccines against it, I am still hoping that we will conquer the virus in my lifetime.

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