Test version of a Introduction to Viruses eBook

Dear everyone:

I am trialling Viruses Introduction: this is an excerpt of what will be a much longer book, as a PDF for all you Mac-less folk out there. It is the Introduction segment of the book, which I will be using as a text for a course here at UCT in a couple of weeks.

I’d like to see your comments!


4 Responses to “Test version of a Introduction to Viruses eBook”

  1. Teaching Virology With Social Media | ViroBlogy Says:

    […] the Discovery of Viruses“ and “Influenza Virus – Introduction to a Killer“, as well as the Introduction to Molecular Virology I am currently writing. The excerpts from those books that I trialled on this site – and […]

  2. Jewel Austin Says:

    I want to read virology now

  3. Dr. E. Purevdavaa Says:

    I would like to translate your books into Mongolian.

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