Study Explains How the First Successful HIV Vaccine Worked | Healthland |

Via Scoop.itVirology News

In 2009, researchers reported that an AIDS vaccine had for the first time protected people against HIV. Since then, the researchers have been wondering, How did it work?

AIDS researchers have only been able to guess at what these critical weapons against HIV could be, which is partly why their efforts to create a vaccine have thus far been marked by a long line of failed attempts. But when the RV144 trial in Thailand showed promise in 2009, scientists finally had something to work with. The vaccine was only modestly effective — protecting just 31% of heterosexual adults from infection — especially compared with inoculations against other common infectious agents like measles or mumps, which are 95% to 98% effective. But it was a start.


Ummmmm…yes.  Well – sort of.  The vaccine was only marginally effective, and my opinion is that it may not have very much to say to us at all.




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