Narcolepsy traced to specific [flu] vaccine batches

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“A new Swedish study shows that all Swedes who developed narcolepsy from the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix received the vaccine from 12 of the 35 batches, despite the claim by the responsible agency that no such connection exists.”

There are some slightly disturbing connections between the H1N1 2009 pdm virus and narcolepsy: the virus itself seems to have caused narcolepsy in some of those infected; now a vaccine is implicated – is this an innate property of certain of the virus proteins, possibly?

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2 Responses to “Narcolepsy traced to specific [flu] vaccine batches”

  1. david Says:

    Personally my narcolepsy and hypersomnia worsened six months after having received the swine flu vaccine with my first episode of several days of prolonged sleep (72h) appearing in August 2009….I have no idea which batch of the vaccine I received but reading this article I recalled the worsening of my symptoms….

  2. Ed Rybicki Says:

    David, while I am not qualified medically to comment, I will point to the article I just scooped ( this suggests the virus and possibly the vaccine too, trigger or worsen underlying conditions.

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