Motsoaledi: Big pharma’s ‘satanic’ plot is genocide

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Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi is livid about a pharmaceutical company campaign he says will restrict access to crucial drugs.

Ed Rybicki‘s insight:

Interesting…as an inventor named on a bunch of patents, I should be concerned – but I’m not, because I also believe that people shouldn’t die for want of affordable drugs.

I really, really do.

We have negotiated terms on every licencing deal we have been involved in, that would allow us exclusivity in the African and sometimes other developing world markets – with the intention of ensuring that prices of our product(s) (if any EVER get to market) remain affordable in these regions.

As it is, what the legislation intends to do is to make it more difficult for Big Pharma to extend their patent protection on drugs by simply making changes to formulations, which is a common practice.  I note India is doing the same, and for the same reasons.

Seriously: while companies should receive financial reward for developing drugs, this should not be allowed to continue in perpetuity.

I also don’t think they should be allowed to gouge the market, but that’s another argument.

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