From plant virology to vaccinology: a personal journey

A couple of years ago now, an Editor of the journal Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics contacted me to say they would like to profile me as a vaccinologist. Being of a suspicious nature, I immediately inquired how much this would cost me. The encouraging answer was “Nothing!” – so I jumped straight in.

The end result is as near to a current autobiography as I will probably ever get, so I may as well put it up here. So, if you’re interested in finding out what the connections are between a swimming pool in Zambia, not doing Biochemistry (twice), plant virology and making vaccines – click below!

4 Responses to “From plant virology to vaccinology: a personal journey”

  1. michelosimuyandi Says:

    I can’t wait to read your autobiography. Maybe I should have up to sponsor your writing retreat by the Zambezi river!

  2. Ed Rybicki Says:

    Too damn hot there, Michelo – not to mention the malaria and the crocodiles and the bilharzia…B-)

  3. michelosimuyandi Says:

    We will produce a malaria vaccine specifically for this and if it not efficacious enough, we can use Kelly Chibale’s drugs to treat you[malaria fear sorted], crocodiles might just be a good source of protein, the bilharzia..we can make the retreat coincide with mass drug administration. with regards the air conditioned grass thatched challete will do…

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