Nonviral delivery of self-amplifying RNA vaccines – NOT!!

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“Despite more than two decades of research and development on nucleic acid vaccines, there is still no commercial product for human use. Taking advantage of the recent innovations in systemic delivery of short interfering RNA (siRNA) using lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), we developed a self-amplifying RNA vaccine. Here we show that nonviral delivery of a 9-kb self-amplifying RNA encapsulated within an LNP substantially increased immunogenicity compared with delivery of unformulated RNA. This unique vaccine technology was found to elicit broad, potent, and protective immune responses, that were comparable to a viral delivery technology, but without the inherent limitations of viral vectors. Given the many positive attributes of nucleic acid vaccines, our results suggest that a comprehensive evaluation of nonviral technologies to deliver self-amplifying RNA vaccines is warranted.”


I would re-ttitle this “Non-delivery of non-viral vectors…”.  Seriusly, folks, this is just the old Alphavax VEE vectors dressed up with with an in vitro synthesis step, and what amounts to a liposome delivery system.  Which means that it would be HIDEOUSLY expensive to produce, and is of no practical significance as a candidate vacine system whatsoever.


But I thank Alan Cann for pointing it out B-)

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