Inaugural Editorial

I am sure you, like me, have received countless solicitations from journals with names that are imaginative variations on the theme of “Virology”, “Journal”, “General” and possibly even “Vaccine” – and have even possibly been invited to avail your esteemed self of a position on the Editorial Boards of these hopeful monsters.

In fact, it has happened so often recently, that I have decided to join them – and to establish a Virology journal that will be an entirely internet based, Open Access, post-publication reviewed entity.  It will have the title “The Internet Journal of Comprehensive Virology” – affectionately abbreviated as TIJoCV – and I will be the Acting Editor-in-Chief for as long as I maintain interest, or until someone else feels like doing it.

This is a distributed experiment by like-minded people (see the Editorial Board on the Home Page) that aims at exploring the possibilities of truly democratising scientific publication in a field that we love.

We hop you like it too.

Ed Rybicki, PhD
The Internet Journal of Comprehensive Virology

July 19th 2016

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