eBooks on Viruses

As of late June 2015, I have published (more or less simultaneously) two ebooks with a virology theme.  These are “A Short History of the Discovery of Viruses“, which sells for US4.99 on the Apple iBooks Store, and “Influenza Virus – Introduction to a Killer“, for US$9.99.  Both were composed using Apple’s iBooks Author app, and published in iBooks format, for reading with the iBooks app on Mac, iPad or iPhone.  I am amenable to publishing PDF versions of both if there is any demand – however, this means losing some of the iBooks functionality.

Sadly, neither is available on the South African store, so if you would like one, go to the US/UK stores via iTunes, and buy!!

Slide1 Influenza_1-6-15_sample_iba

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