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It being that time of the year….

2 January, 2011

…one’s thoughts turn to frivolity rather than virology, but hold! – one must always be serious.  Therefore – a competition!!  And Happy New Year, BTW.

So: what do the following particles have in common?  A three-part answer, this; the first fairly easy, the second more difficult, and the third quite obscure.  The winner will, as previously, get to write a guest blog for ViroBlogy!!  Dorian, limber up there.  Varsani, you’re disqualified, so too anyone from my lab – unless well disguised. *

Hint 1: yes, they are

Hint 2: you could catch them together?

Hint 3: strange as it may seem, these are identical.

I hope this is sufficiently obscure?  Have fun, won’t you.

* = this qualifies as Hint 4.