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What are you looking for?

18 April, 2011

It is quite educational sometimes, to look and see what it is people are looking for, when they end up on ViroBlogy.  Here are the queries over the course of the last month:

Search Views
ebola 577
ebola virus 64
rolling circle 44
how did viruses evolve 29
mimivirus 21
despair posters 19
flaviviridae 17
lassa fever 14
bacterial dna replication 11
ebola virus patients 11
viroblogy 9
where did viruses evolve from 9
ebola pictures 9
rift valley fever 9
what did viruses evolve from 9
geminivirus 8
west nile virus structure 8
ebola patient 8
where h1n1 came from 7
ebola virus pictures 7

I count 6 mentions of Ebola, 4 of virus evolution generally…and a gratifyingly high number of queries on rolling circle replication, given our lab’s interest in it.  Of course, I have had long had an obsession with Ebola and similar nasties, and have been deeply interested in the evolution of viruses ever since I started studying them, so it is good to see others share my interests!

So in the spirit of giving people what they want, look for blog posts with titles like “The evolution of viruses using rolling circle replication: its complete non-relevance to Ebola and H1N1 influenza viruses”.  But seriously – I will be putting up some more posts around the most popular subject areas, if only to help make sure that The Truth Gets Out There.

Ed Rybicki