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Shingles Vaccine Deemed Safe in Large Study

11 May, 2012

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The shingles vaccine is “generally safe and well tolerated,” according to a study of nearly 200,000 patients.

Shingles, or herpes zoster, is a painful rash caused by reactivation of chickenpox virus that has remained dormant in the body. Up to 1 million Americans, more than half of whom are 60 or older, are diagnosed with shingles every year, the researchers write.

Researchers analyzed data of 193,083 vaccinated patients aged 50 or older for certain side effects that could be related to the shingles vaccine.

The researchers found no increased risk in the first six weeks after vaccination for stroke, heart disease, infections of the brain or spinal cord or other brain diseases, Bell’s palsy, or Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, which can occur when the virus that causes shingles affects the facial nerve near an ear.

An increased risk of allergic reaction was found in the first week after receiving the shingles vaccine.

A majority of these reactions involved an inflammatory response at the injection site, involving symptoms such as redness, swelling, and mild pain.

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Ostrich culling almost complete

11 May, 2012

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“CAPE TOWN – The Western Cape Agriculture Department on Monday said it planned to complete the culling of ostriches affected by bird flu in the Karoo by the end of this week.

Agriculture MEC Gerrit van Reinsburg met with industry players in Oudtshoorn earlier.

More than 40,000 ostriches have been culled since the initial outbreak of avian influenza in March 2011.

The European Union also imposed a ban on South African ostrich exports at a cost of hundreds of millions of rand to affected farmers.

The EU imported 90 percent of South Africa’s ostrich meat.

The department’s Wouter Kriel said, “The Department of Agriculture will conclude the culling operation that has been ongoing for the past year in the ostrich industry. The last 360 ostriches will be culled this week.”

The department said it would monitor the area carefully in the following weeks.

The department will in the next three months apply to the EU for the resumption of ostrich exports.

According to the department, the entire Klein Karoo Valley, home to about 70 percent of the country’s ostrich industry, was affected by the outbreak.

The affected farmers received R50 million in compensation from the national government.”


And you know why they have to cull them, when there ARE vaccines available?  Because the EU does not like ostriches with antibodies to influenza viruses.  Because they steadfastly refuse to step into the 21st century, and allow use of tests which disciminate vaccinated and infected birds.

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FDA advisers back first drug to prevent HIV – AIDS/HIV -Drug News –

11 May, 2012

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The first drug shown to prevent HIV infection won the endorsement of a panel of federal advisers Thursday, clearing the way for a landmark approval in the 30-year fight against the virus that causes AIDS.

In a series of votes, a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended approval of the daily pill Truvada for healthy people who are at high risk of contracting HIV, including gay and bisexual men and heterosexual couples with one HIV-positive partner.

The FDA is not required to follow the panel’s advice, though it usually does. A final decision is expected by June 15.

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