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Dear New Scientist

6 June, 2010

In the full expectation that my letter will not see the light of day – nothing I have ever written to NS over some 15 years ever has – I will put this here, where more some people may see it.

Dear Editor:

I recall being a little miffed when I read the original article on
biodiversity in NS (24 April) – because there was no mention at
all of the greatest part of the biodiversity on this (and probably any
other) planet, which is viruses.  There are more viruses on Earth than
any other kinds of organisms, and virus genomes provide the greatest
source of gene diversity – yet they don’t rate a mention.

And then, in your Letters page of the 22 May issue, people take up
cudgels on behalf of fungi, of all things!

Cellism, that’s all it is….