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Rating blogs for assessment purposes

12 August, 2011

Seeing as I was talking with colleagues in the world outside Virology (yes, I do have them) (yes, there is one!) about how one could get assessed in the academic environment for activities like blogging, it was quite heartening to get an email from one Tracy Myers, about this blog featuring in the “’s list of the Top 50 Blogs about Biology“.

Not in the top 5, I discover, but hey, top 50 in a big class is OK…B-)

But we are distracted from the theme: how does one get material such as I produce in this blog, assessed in the obsessively publication metric-conscious University environment?

With difficulty, it would appear: AJC, I would like your opinion on this!  Access stats are one way, and I have used WordPress’s rather nice summary table for access over the life of this blog to demonstrate that (1) people do actually get to it, and in quite significant numbers, (2) they come from all over the world.  And I would especially like to thank our Saudi Arabian Virology student readers at this juncture!

It’s something the powers-that-be at Unis are going to have to get their heads around – because it’s an increasing trend for academics to blog, and for their students to read said blogs, and to be influenced (hopefully positively) by them.

But I’ll just cherish my badge for a while…B-)  Thanks Tracy!

Best Blog Badge

What Rough Beast

19 May, 2008

I was surprised and rather gratified to see – via a suitably modest no-commentary post in MicrobiologyBytes – that ViroBlogy has been noticed by none other than the June editorial of Nature Reviews Microbiology.

Along with rather more material on MicrobiologyBytes and Small Things Considered.  But hey, a review’s a review…!

There are a number of useful comments and other links in the blog version of the post, on how to actually interact with such material, and the potential of “Web 2.0” applications.

So get busy, students…the wiki is coming – in fact, it was already established, but will be re-invented before the second semester – and your participation is vital.