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Biology Direct | Abstract | A novel virus genome discovered in an extreme environment suggests recombination between unrelated groups of RNA and DNA viruses

20 April, 2012

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“Viruses are known to be the most abundant organisms on earth, yet little is known about their collective origin and evolutionary history.  With exceptionally high rates of genetic mutation and mosaicism, it is not currently possible to resolve deep evolutionary histories of the known major virus groups. Metagenomics offers a potential means of establishing a more comprehensive view of viral evolution as vast amounts of new sequence data becomes available for comparative analysis.

Bioinformatic analysis of viral metagenomic sequences derived from a hot, acidic lake revealed a circular, putatively single-stranded DNA virus encoding a major capsid protein similar to those found only in single-stranded RNA viruses. The presence and circular configuration of the complete virus genome was confirmed by inverse PCR amplification from native DNA extracted from lake sediment. The virus genome appears to be the result of a RNA-DNA recombination event between two ostensibly unrelated virus groups.”

Not the first time this is postulated to have happened, although the authors have cited the first one: Gibbs and Weiller, 1999.

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